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Home Staging

First impressions are everything.

Just like a job interivew, buyers make decisions within the first five minutes.  Clean up the exterior of your home as much as possible; add colorful flowers, fix or remove any unsighly elements.  The entryway to your home should be inviting and lovely.

When in doubt, move it out.

Nothing distracts buyers more than a cluttered home.  Purge anything that you don't need at that moment, even if it means moving items to a temporary storage facility.

If your closets and storage spaces are overloaded, a potential buyer might be concerned that the home lacks storage.

Get a second set of eyes (and nose!)

Often, when we have lived in a place for a long time, we can't see the ugly.  A home stager can asses your house with an unbiased eye and determine what elements should be changed in order to appeal to the broadest market.  Also, a home should smell fresh. Damp, musty smells scream old and unkempt.

Every room needs a purpose.

If your formal dining room has become a dumping ground for old tires and camping equipment, before putting your home on the market, it's time to return this space back to it's original purpose.

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